Friday, December 16, 2005

Weblogs I read

So to give people a taste of what I'm aiming for here, let's take a look at the weblogs that I read:
  • Cosmic Variance: A group weblog about physics, whenever I want to really geek out, here is where I go

  • Pharyngula: a nice blog full of all good stuff: biology, atheism, cephalapod sex...

  • Unscrewing The Inscrutable: More good stuff with science, atheism, and such

  • Orac Knows: a medical blog, full of quackfighting goodness

  • Bitch Ph. d.: Supposed to be a feminist blog, but I suspect a lot of guys to read it because of her open marriage and related sexual hijinx

Hmmm... I wonder if this reveals anything about me... 3 academic blogs, 4 science blogs, and 3 athism blogs out of five...

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