Friday, December 16, 2005

Blog anxiety disorder

So I haven't posted much recently, mostly because I want to make sure that there is mostly good stuff on here, and haven't been inspired by anything recently. That and finals.

I was wondering what sort of stuff I should put on here and I decided that it might be interesting to talk about why I'm so reluctant to add stuff of less than top quality. I mean, I have this little weblog so I get stuff off my chest, not to attract readers, so why am I worried about low quality of content? Part of it probably is my eternal need to differentiate myself from the masses of terrible blogs, and the way to do that is to have some good content. Another part is my neurotic need to always be good at everything I do (which is not a bad thing, just it can make me do weird stuff sometimes). My desire for all my posts to be really good contrasts with my internal pressure to post fairly often (because if I don't I know that I'll just end up not posting anything and giving up this blog), and this little conflict leads to me posting less, just worrying about it more.

Anyways, I need to worry about this less, presumably as I post more stuff I'll get more comfortable with this whole blogging thing.

So I just noticed that the default Blogger spellchecker doesn't have blog, weblog, or blogging in it's dictionary. Interesting, no?

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