Thursday, December 29, 2005

First Meme

So I guess I'll do one of those blog meme thingamabobs. This one I saw at pharyngula...

Where did you graduate from and what year?

West Windsor - Plainsboro High School South, 2003

Who was your significant other?

umm... none.

Was your Prom a night to remember?

I went to post-prom, having no date, I didn't go to the dancing part. It was pretty good.

What was your favorite song you danced to the night of Prom?

I didn't dance.

Do you own all 4 yearbooks?

No, I only own two (freshmen and senior year)

What was your favorite movie in high school?

Probably The Matrix, though the sequels were disappointing.

What was your number 1 choice of college in high school?

If Reed College in Oregon had been on the east coast, it would have been my favorite. I suppose NYU was my favorite then, and was the only school to outright reject me.

What radio station did you jam out to in high school?

I didn't really listen to radio in high school. Or much music in general. I got into listening to music in college.

Were you involved in any organizations or clubs?

Let's see here, I was in the German club (basically just a place to meet up and goof off after school), and the orchestra.

What was your favorite class in high school?

Probably orchestra. We had a lot of fun in the bass section, and we played in a lot of cool places (we went to Carnegie Hall one year).

Who was your big crush in high school?

I had several. None of them did I approach. Oh well...

Would you say youĂ‚’ve changed a lot since highschool?

Yes, probably many people wouldn't recognize me.

What do you miss the most about it?

The vast amount ofleisuree time.

Your worst memory of HS?

I don't know, the worst thing was the boringness and conformity, and there isn't one thing I can point to as being terrible.

Did you have a car ?

Not my own, I drove my Mom's a lot though.

What were your school colors?

Green and Gold

Who was your favorite teacher?

Both of my physics teachers were good, but myGermann teacher Frauu Dine) was the one I had the best personalrelationshipp with, as she was the onlyGermann teacher, so I had her for four years in a small class.

Did you own a cell phone in high school?

Yes, but only used it for emergencies.

Did you leave campus for lunch?


If so, where was your favorite place to go eat?

Chicken Holiday, good wings cheap.

Were you always late to class?

No, I was always early, and still am.

Did you ever have to stay for Sat. School?


Did you ever ditch?

No. I was a good student.

When it comes time for the reunion will you be there?

I might... If it'sconvenientt.

That wasn't too bad. I might do more of these if any catch my eye, but most are silly and pointless (this one was only pointless).

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