Wednesday, December 28, 2005


So now I'm back from my visiting my cousins'. I spent the time being indoctrinated by my ultra-liberal uncle, so I'm not happy with the president right now. Of course had I been home I would have written something on the whole Bush-wiretapping thing. Now it seems so late to mention it, but nonetheless I'll say my piece.

President Bush has apparently been performing illegal wiretaps on US citizens without warrants. The information is all over the web if you wish to look into it more. What amazes me is that anyone can defend this. The fisa court (that grants warrants for wiretapping) has only turned down a request a few times (twice I think) and all those times they were accepted on appeal. Not only that but a retroactive warrant can be requested for 72 hours afterward. Given this, why did the president's men not get warrants? There are two possibilities I can think of right now: pure contempt for the law, or they were not spying on terrorism suspects. I lean towards the second possibility, though the two are not exclusive.

Anyways this isn't really a political blog, however this wiretapping thing is at least as bad as what got Nixon almost impeached.

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