Wednesday, January 31, 2007

John Edwards is consuming good bloggers at an alarming rate

by that I mean he's hiring them. And it's a good thing. He seems to be courting the feminist vote, what with hiring Amanda Marcotte and Shake's Sis. I've always liked Edwards, and I think this speaks well for him. I have grave reservations about Hillary Clinton, mostly because I think she's just too much of a politician, too much about compromise, and making a deal, and not enough about standing up for the issues. I also like Obama, but I think it's a bit early to put him on the ticket, maybe when he's got some more experience under his belt (though I would probably forgive him that if he weren't so pushy about religion).

Of course none of the candidates are perfect, but Edwards it at least worth consideration in a race most consider to be between Hillary and Obama.

(neurotic note: I call Hillary Clinton by her first name to avoid confusion with Bill Clinton, but call the other candidates by their last names because other than Barack Obama, all of their names are nondescript)

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